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Great mats for sale, holiday weekend, and FAQs

By Bluestem Yoga

WED JUN 30, 2021

Hey there, Bluestem friends. Me again, answering some of your burning questions....

Do you have mats for sale?

Yes, we do! The kind of mat that's an investment in your yoga practice. Jade Harmony mats are made in the USA of all natural rubber, with no harmful PVC. They're grippy, not slippy, and last a long time. We've got a few colors to choose from. Wanna try before you buy? Arrive for class a little early, and we'll pull out one of the premium studio rentals for you to use.

Are there classes over the holiday weekend?

Check the online schedule, tater tot. Yoga and Sound Bath on Saturday, Sun Flow on Sunday. Maybe more on Saturday and Sunday if peeps register early. No classes Monday July 5.

I registered for class but need to cancel, what do I do?

We had the same question! Where's the Cancel button? Turns out there isn't one, so I'm the Canceler. Respond to the email you received when you registered, telling me you need to cancel, and I'll wave my magic wand. Do it at least 2 hours before class for a full refund. No explanations or apologies needed, we get it. We answer lots more of your questions about registering and paying for classes here.

That's it for now, buttercup. Enjoy your corn on the cob and watermelon! (Mmmmmmm, messy foods... Napkins encouraged.)

See you soon!