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New Gentle Yoga class at Bluestem

By Bluestem Yoga

FRI AUG 27, 2021

Good morning from Bluestem! This email is especially for people who have come to Ageless Yoga or Functional Flexibility classes.

I'm writing to invite you to a new class on the schedule. We heard your requests for a second Ageless class, and while Susan is currently unable to teach twice a week, Gentle Yoga may fit the bill. This class meets Fridays at noon and is taught by Hattie, who loves teaching older adults and people who are new to yoga. This class may also interest those of you who enjoyed Functional Flexibility.

By the way, Functional Flexibility is returning in October! The class will be a little longer (probably 45 minutes) and will include self myofascial release (aka "rolling" with tennis balls or other massage balls). The combination of stretching and rolling can have immediate impacts; my goal will be for you to leave class feeling good!

I welcome your feedback on these classes and anything else at Bluestem.

Thank you for supporting our new studio, especially during these tricky COVID times! I appreciate you!