Some Guidance on the Bluestem Schedule

New to yoga or want to revisit the basics? Check the calendar for our Yoga FUNdamentals classes and our free, one-time Introduction to Bluestem Yoga. Also consider the slower-paced classes described below. Visit the For Beginners section of our website for more information and opportunities.

Looking for a workout? Choose Vinyasa Flow or OmTree Sun Flow. Vinyasa yoga is a flowing style of yoga that links movement to breath. Sun Flow is a much-loved vinyasa practice created by Sharyn Harley, owner of OmTree Shala. Those who teach Sun Flow regularly at Bluestem practiced and studied at OmTree. These are mixed-level classes, and teachers will cue a variety of options, but vinyasa classes tend to be more vigorous than other classes on our schedule. Also check the schedule for Power Yoga (returning when we don't need masks) to challenge yourself with a fast-paced flow and some less-common poses. And watch our Special Events page for asana workshops.

Want to slow down? Try Gentle Yoga or Yin Yoga . Teachers will show you how to use props to find ease. Restorative Yoga adds even more props and aims for deep relaxation and restoration.

Looking for something in between vigorous and slow? Try VinYin Yoga (a blend of Vinyasa and Yin) or Hatha Yoga. Our early morning classes (coming soon) will also fit this description.

Interested in a meditative experience? Look for Yoga and Sound Bath, which combines meditation, mindful movement, and an extended savasana (corpse pose) accompanied by live sound healing instruments. Also consider the slower-paced classes described above and check out our Special Events. We hope to add meditation classes soon!

Looking for a class for older adults? Join Susan Rieger for Ageless Yoga and check the schedule for Functional Flexibility: Stretch and Release. Also consider the slower-paced classes described above.

Not interested in this thing called “yoga,” but want to feel less stiff, tight, and sore? Functional Flexibility: Stretch and Release (coming in October) is for anyone, young or old, who wants to improve range of motion and bring ease into everyday life movements. It combines targeted stretching with self myofascial release (aka “rolling). Also check out our Special Events for myofascial release workshops.

Looking for something to complement your other physical activities, like running, cycling, or weight lifting? The combination of stretching and rolling in our Functional Flexibility: Stretch and Release class is designed with you in mind. Especially the Monday class. (Did someone say “active recovery?”)

Read longer class descriptions here. Many of our teachers also offer private yoga lessons, tailored just for you.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Still have questions? Email or call us. We love to hear from you!

Hope to see you in the studio soon!